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The Perfect Pre-Owned Handbags for you at Swayy

Handbags are a big part of a woman’s wardrobe. Look around you and try to find one woman without a handbag. Whether it’s a pouch, a shoulder bag, a clutch or a tote, it really is something every woman has. Handbags are not mere receptacles of knick-knacks. It is not simply an accessory either. In some cases and for some women, it is considered art; handbags are a beautiful way to express your fashion sense.

If you are looking for luxury handbags, especially Louis Vuitton and Channel handbags, but cannot really afford to pay store price, then don’t lose hope. You can still own that luxury handbag you’ve been dreaming about without breaking the bank. Here at Swayy, you will definitely fall in love with our selection of pre-loved, authentic, luxury handbags.

Choosing the Perfect Handbags

For women, a lot of thought is put into choosing handbags. The style, size, colour, material, brand, and price are just some of the things a woman considers before buying one. Out in the market, you will see a lot of handbags with varying styles. Some may look simple but elegant and functional while others are more works of art and craftsmanship.

When choosing a handbag, make sure that it fits your body type. The trick is into choosing one that is the opposite of your body figure. If you are slim and slender, choosing a curvy handbag will soften your angular body shape. If you are more voluptuous, opt for handbags that are sleeker and have a more rectangular shape. So before purchasing a handbag, make sure that it’s the kind of handbag that will be functional and complements your style, taste, and body figure.

Women love a great bargain. This doesn’t mean though that we compromise quality for the price tag. In some cases, we also love to splurge – reward ourselves after a great achievement at work. Price is always a big factor especially for those who are working around a budget. Whether you are indulging or trying to be more prudent in your purchase, never forget to be practical. It’s okay to splurge on a $500 handbag if you’ll really be making the most out of it. If it’s going to be an everyday bag, then that’s perfect. Also consider choosing styles that will be easy to complement with anything, like neutral shades or subdued prints. It’s better to make sure you already have the staples (a handbag for both every day and special occasions) before you start purchasing funkier and more artsy pieces.

Swayy Offers Louis Vuitton Handbags, Chanel Handbags, and More

So you’ve already chosen a style and you’ve also set your budget (or not!). But what about the brand? Here at Swayy, we only aim to provide women with the finest choices in luxury pre-owned handbags. We carry a wide variety of brands and styles you can choose from.

Are you looking for functional and classy handbags perfect for everyday use? Then you will find our selection of Louis Vuitton shoulder bags and messenger bags a great fit. If you’re shopping for more elegant handbags for a special occasion then maybe a Chanel clutch will be more to your taste. Whatever it is you’re looking for, our selection of Chanel and Louis Vuitton handbags will surely delight your taste and ensure all eyes are on you. Other brands that we carry include Fendi, Bottega Veneta, Gucci, Bally, Bulgari, Christian Dior, Givenchy, Hermes, Goyard, Prada, and a whole lot more.

For your luxury handbags needs, choose Swayy and you will not be disappointed. Get the best kind of arm candy with our selection of luxury handbags.

Guarantee of Authenticity of Our Handbags

Give a new home to pre-owned luxury handbags by purchasing one (or several!) at Swayy today. Our handbags go through the most rigorous and discriminating processes to ensure that what you buy is the real thing. We believe that the good name of these luxury brands does not begin and end in their stores. Here at Swayy, we do not want to sully the quality and reputation these brands have built for themselves and so we make sure that all our handbags are of the utmost quality and authenticity.

Our authentication process is detailed and strict, carried out by the world-class luxury goods professionals who are certified by the International Anti-Counterfeit Council (IACC). We ensure genuine quality of our handbags via 5 steps: verification, condition evaluation, repairs and restoration, provenance, and extras.

First, we inspect the handbags to ensure that they are indeed the real thing. Our experts then meticulously look for scratches, loose threads, and other damages the handbags may have. Straps, linings, embellishments, and others are also ensured of good quality. Next, we determine if the handbag has already been previously repaired –and if only the certified repair centres have done it. We will let you know if it has. We also determine where these handbags were first bought. Here at Swayy, most of our handbags are sourced directly from the fashion house so you are guaranteed of the quality. Lastly, the handbag itself is not the only thing that is important, we also inspect the authenticity of its accessories such as the dust cloth, tags, pouches, and other accessories.

Though you may be purchasing pre-owned handbags, that doesn’t mean compromise in quality. Browse our online store at Swayy today and be delighted with our collection of authentic pre-loved handbags.